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Licensed Pharmacy Metronidazole-chlorhexidine Barato Brand Name

Licensed Pharmacy Metronidazole-chlorhexidine Barato Brand Name

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I faced the need in Metrogyl dental gel after a visit to a dentist. I believe that some infection got into my mouth during teeth treatment and developed into a full-scale gingivitis. That is horrible I must admit. You can not eat, it is difficult to talk and the smell... Ugh! What is funny I went to a doctor and he got so worried, said that this is a serious case and we'd better dissect the gum to see if there is some pus inside. He even offered me a sick leave for several days and according to his words after the dissection I might have fever and won't be able to talk and any disturbance might cause complications. So I got so scared... Sick leave, I would immediately lose my job in that case! That was unacceptable for me. So I went to another doctor and he persuaded me that everything was not that tragic and before any dissection I should have tried non-invasive methods. He told me about Metrogyl gel and gave me a prescription. I bought the dental gel that same day from this wonderful online drug store and it was delivered in several days to my place. After 4-5 applications the condition improved dramatically. And now everything is just perfect. My gums are not swollen and there is no more pain. It is still a bit red but it will get normal soon, I feel it, all due to wonderful medication Metrogyl DG and the amazing doctor who saved me from a dissection. Thank you!

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